Aug 15, 2005

Chapter 44

How to protest and how to love

Philip Glass

When I saw You. I saw Love.
When I saw You. I saw Truth.

I want to say to my brothers right here
that every time
we lift a hand
against our brothers and sisters
we make a moral choice.
We don’t have to do this.
You are my neighbors
I am you
and you are me
I care about you
and I know you care about me
we are going to do this together.


When righteousness

withers away
and evil
rules the land,
we come into being
age after age
and take visible shape
and move.

A man among men,
for the protection of good,
Thrusting back evil,
and setting virtue on her seat again

So this video got yanked too:
(and this was not the work of the WebSheriff; these appear to be guns for hire.)
  How much cash would Gandhi or Mother Theresa charge through their managers at Sony Entertainment to permit us to use their copyright stage characters in our photo-op on Wall Street?  Eh?

Jesus Saves, Moses Invests, Gandhi transcends; Mohammed is just perfect.

Look, Gandhi, you ain't big box office attraction.  I'll give you a hundred bucks a year, tax-free, to your personal bank account in Switzerland, if  you put back up the video you deleted below, which was Gandhi's text with music by Philip Glass. Maybe the old boy can afford to buy himself a new bedsheet to wear.  So get Gandhi's agent on the blower and cut a leasing deal for this one product only, and then take it down to Marketing and have them do a Focus Group to gauge initial public perception; if favorable, we will launch many retail lines: Gandhi condoms, Gandhi sportswear, Gandhi perfume, books of Gandhi investment advice; the Gandhi zero-protein exercise CD's; the Gandhi 12 step weight-reduction diet plan; the Gandhi bottled water from the Holy Ganges River... this is going to go gorilla, guys. Within five years we will be bigger than Calvin Klein and Oreale combined; Moody's rates it "buy".
So cut a deal with the Hindu boy, but Mother Theresa? Keep that slut out of here; she gives us a bad rep.
hhmm. mystery. The video from Mr. Glass suddenly came back, and I am reasonably sure it was not the work of the WebSheriff; for example there were no bullet holes in the ceiling.
We send thanks and gratitude
to persons or cyborgs who so love the world

How to protest

Lou Reed and Philip Glass joining Occupy Lincoln Center (NYC), December 1st 2011, 12am.

1 hour before, Glass's opera "Satyagraha," which focuses on the story of Gandhi in his early years of non-violent protest in South Africa, was having a run at the Metropolitan Opera.

A short film by Jean Thevenin.

Protest from Satyagraha - Philip Glass
Performed by New York City Opera Orchestra.

How to love

Music by Philip Glass.
Paintings by Sören Dawson.

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