Aug 20, 2005

Chapter 43

Meanwhile, back at the ranch
News from the Western Front:
Bob Dylan's song about Lenny Bruce is back:
by the generosity of the Dylan/WebSheriff
quasi-conspirational genius-run-amok scene
and here it is:
(if this does not get you charged up, check your pulse. There cannot be one)
and as we said, here it is:

Recorded performance
reproduced by kind permission
of Special Rider.
For original, exclusive
performances by Bob Dylan,
check-out the official channel at
This chapter 43 was a reply to Anonymous, from Ursula Schulz. It was deleted by those who delete.
(relates to a melt-down in Chapter 42, the nuclear war and Inuktitut chapter)
Much time passed, and then suddenly there was another gang of lawyers on the loose. Don't these people have other things to do?

August 8, 2012
Memo to:
John Giacobbi
Intellectual property lawyer representing Bob Dylan
25 High Street,
Wiltshire SN9 5AF
United Kingdom
Central Switchboard : +44 (0)208 323 8013
Central Faxing : +44 (0)208 323 8080 

(Editor's note: Mr. Dawson has been mightily peeved ever since the Dylan song disappeared. He mumbles on about a dead comedian who died for our sins and he wants to straighten out Bob Dylan. We find these to be highly laudable ambitions and we cheerfully let him type unsupervised. Always a mistake)

Without warning, discussion, or notification, you deleted Chapter 43 of my free online book, thereby gutting the book of a pivotal and essential moment in an on-going true life struggle. (Soon to be the sequel of Nanook of the North)
you stop doing that.  That's teasing
You make fun about what i say.
Yeah, so?

Chapter 43 is the ONLY  chapter posted by Ursula Schulz, and the entire chapter consisted of one thing:  Bob Dylan’s ode to Lenny Bruce. (OK. He has enlisted his wife Ursula, and Bob Dylan and Lenny Bruce to claim what we are not sure. I don't like the look of this one. The objectives seem vague.)

 It is passing strange that  the chapter has been online for several years, with no reaction from the Dylan camp; now, that we are meeting courtroom and civic harassment for political reasons, suddenly the Dylan - Bruce chapter is deleted without notice. (Only the paranoid survive).

Please re-consider.

That's it? that's the speech you worked on all night? "Please re-consider." That's all you have to say after ten years of civil war? "Please re-consider?" We fought our way across the continent to deliver that message? "Please re-consider." Man, are we ever doomed.

You shut up back there.
Try and make me, smart ass.
I hate all of you.
I bet your super-intelligent friends have no sound-track for this.
Don't be so rude. You're lucky you are not in jail.

So where's the soundtrack, Monsieur Dylan et son complice, l'épais Mosieur Web Sheriff? Eh? Où sont les pommes de terre de la gloire? Après moi, le déluge... Eh? Where's the fucking soundtrack? You're the only one pretending to represent the law around here
Sir, you have to move your car. You can't park here.
Parking?  Did I say anything about parking? You don't like my parking? You want to make a speech about my parking? You are now my personal parking critic, is that it?
Oh God, and it's not even noon yet.
It's easier when he is "Off".

Mr. Sheriff Boss, you better figure out the soundtrack for this morning's obligatory T'ai Chi.  Since you sabotaged my video file, I can't even find my director's cut of High Noon.
Oh God I wish you would shut up for a minute.

But to have some idea of what you are censoring, see what SURROUNDED the chapter you deleted: Chapter 43 did not hang out there in isolation; when you deleted it you also damaged Chapter 44, with Philip Glass telling us how to protest; and  Chapter 47, Everybody Knows – which is entirely a Leonard Cohen based study of thesis and antithesis reaching synthesis.

I took ideas from about a hundred published artists in writing this book. A more excessive level of blatant plagiarism and cultural appropriation can scarcely be visualized. I have not had an original idea in my life. Why should I start now?

And when I say "To be or not to be" I really don't think I need to footnote it. You can Google it, if you wonder who said that. If  you don't recognize Dylan's or Cohen's writing, if you do not recognize Johnny Cash's voice, all I have to say is "You had better find a good shrink." (No comment, your Honour. Let the statement of the witness be sung a-capella across the land)
My book is riddled with  the spirit of Lenny Bruce. There are strange things done in the midnight sun (chapter 45). (Ed, Note: Relevance?)

(At this point, Mr. Dawson was really pissed off: This is supposed to be a teaching moment when we all learn something heart-warming`about anger management)
And oh, by the way, does Bob Dylan have written, contractual agreements with the estate of Lenny Bruce allowing him to sing “Lenny Bruce is dead… they said that he was sick… he shined a light in their beds… he didn’t want to live anymore.”  Did Lenny Bruce, or his estate, approve of Mr. Dylan’s use of the name and life and reputation of Lenny Bruce? Can I have Dylan’s use of the name of Lenny Bruce removed? Or is this another one-way street?
(Those are not serious suggestions. That was the height of the anger and irrationality. That's how volatile it gets, when still today, we grapple with the killing of Lenny Bruce.) 
Becomes even more important when you wake up one morning and discover that people are mistaking you for Lenny Bruce.
And you see, if you delete chapters at random you lose track of  the narrative, and that is another bad sign, when you forget everything except your own name.

I rode with him
In a taxi once
Only about a mile and a half
Seemed like it took
 A couple of months
He was an  outlaw, that’s for sure…

Web sheriff, if you read Chapter 48, you will perceive that me and my posse is legit.
Bob Dawson
Havelock Quebec

“If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses. “

“I won’t say ours was a tough school, but we had our own coroner. We used to write essays like: What I’m going to be if I grow up.”

 (Vincent Cuccia, one of the New York D.A.’s who prosecuted Bruce’s last obscenity case, said, “We drove him into poverty and bankruptcy and then murdered him. We all knew what we were doing. We used the law to kill him.”)

And this is where it gets to be a low-down dirty shame.
Kitty Bruce, Lenny’s daughter, only survivor of the Lenny Bruce family, appealed for donations:    by Michael Hendrick of Beatdom MAG:
QUOTE from Hendrick at Beatdom:

Kitty is preserving the memory of her father, Lenny, by being the heart and soul of  ’Lenny’s House,’ a 12-Step rehab facility she started to honor his name and memory. You can show your loyalty and love and celebrate the work of Lenny Bruce by sending a contribution to The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation, P.O.Box 1089, Pittston, PA, 18640-5082  
Read more from Kitty Bruce in Beatdom 10, The Religion Issue!
The Bob Dylan song does show feeling and respect for the man who battled and won for our First Amendment Rights. Listen to it here…just click on the link! 


News from the Western Front:
Bob Dylan's song about Lennie Bruce is back:
by the generosity of the Dylan/WebSheriff
quasi-conspirational genius-run-amok scene


(if this does not get you charged up, check your pulse. There cannot be one)


Think about that for awhile.

Well, as they say, we used to care, but things have changed. Even Woody Guthrie’s lyrics have been radically changed. (Revealed in Chapter 46 –  remember – you read it here first –)

This Lenny is my Lenny, it’s not your Lenny – see this piece of paper here?  It says Lenny belongs only to me, so why don`t you go and climb the evolutionary tree?

Lenny Bruce is dead
but his spirit lives on and on
Never did get any Golden Globe award,
never made it to Synanon
He was an outlaw, that’s for sure
More of an outlaw than you ever were
Lenny Bruce is gone
but his spirit lives on and on
Maybe he had some problems
maybe some things that he couldn’t work out
But he sure was funny
and he sure told the truth
and he knew what he was talking about
Never robbed any churches
nor cut off any babies’ heads
He just took the folks in high places
and he shined a light in their beds
He’s on some other shore,
he didn’t want to live anymore
Lenny Bruce is dead
but he didn’t commit any crime
He just had the insight
to rip off the lid before its time
They said that he was sick
because he didn’t play by the rules
He just showed the wise men of his day
to be nothing more than fools
They stamped him
and they labeled him
like they do with pants and shirts
He fought a war on a battlefield
where every victory hurts
Lenny Bruce was BAD
he was the brother that you never had

((Mega Copyright; copy write, trademark, patent pending, Bob Dylan))
Includes exclusive right to use the word “the”. Do not use the word “the” without contractual agreement from the auteur.)

I think what President Kennedy should do is come out and say on TV “I would like to introduce you to all the spics and kikes and niggers in my government.”

News from Kitty Bruce: “Previously unreleased recordings from my personal collection are being compiled for downloading. All proceeds will go to The Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation."

Love, Kitty Bruce

Love y’a right back, Kitty

Kitty says:
... present the truth of what can happen in our so called “just and free society .”

1962 - “The prosecutor is at least equally concerned with Bruce’s indictments of organized religion as he is with them more obvious sexual content of the comic’s act.”
Eighty prominent American figures including Arthur Miller, Woody Allen, Gore Vidal, Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman, sign a petition in support of Lenny.
He is barred from entering England by Home Office as an “undesirable alien”.
Lenny is also officially banned from Australia.
Arrested, 4 or 5 trials, jail; any night club that allowed him on stage lost its business permit; police follow him everywhere and harrass his friends, family and supporters.
Variety Magazine refuses to print Bruce’s advertisement stating “I’m available.”
Banished, bankrupt, abandoned, Lenny gets very sick and dies.

1981 - Bob Dylan releases his song “Lenny Bruce” on the album Shot of Love. The live version that we had posted here was the best.

Full-powered Dylan genius
deeply felt, truthful, brave
strong and beautiful.

But it is more than 30 years that he has been sitting on this song. Surely he must be getting a sore ass by now.


Aug 13 2012 
Oh! The deleting is done by automatic software? Not by Dylan himself personally? Oh I didn’t know that. I thought Dylan would go over to Al Gore’s house and unplug a lot of wires.  There’s nothing can be done if it’s the software. And the power is all Intel Inside, and Andy Grove is more spastic than I am.
The web sheriff has a Commodore 64 on dial-up, so they don’t have the computer power to get beyond two choices: “Delete Now” or “Delete if brings in no ad revenue.” In fact, those are the only two buttons on their keyboard.
I  told ya : It was the Komputers wot done it. I is jest a kuntry boy an’ I dunno wot’s goin’ on.  Pa always sez I shoulda knowed better than  to be writin’ books on the internets. Pa never liked us to git an eddycation, ever since Uncle Josiah went to that college and did so much book-learnin’, one day his brain jist seized up, like the crankshaft in the F-150 before she blew a piston clean through the hood.

make deep sound: eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
breathing as if you were alive
why should my freedom be judged by another's conscience?
copyright Corinthians 1

Aug. 14, 2012

Why do you hate America?
No poutine; they make fun of our beavers, and look what they did to Justin Beiber. What did he ever do to deserve that? It’s a pitiful spectacle, to see him turned into a fungus on live TV. They should put up a parental advisory if they want to broadcast human cruelty.

Why do you want to give away all the songs so that the artists starve?
Hungry artists are much more pliable.
You want this sandwich, hippie? Then draw a picture of me. A good one, on velvet.
That’s how art gets done – commanded by a patron who knows what he likes.

Is the government a good art critic?

… at the direction of the District Attorney… on behalf of the people of this county, that the defendant Lenny Bruce's sentence be one of imprisonment.   May I say in support of that request, if it please the court, that apart from the defendant Bruce's conduct prior to the trial, the defendant Bruce—throughout the trial and since the trial—has shown by his conduct complete lack of any remorse whatsoever.

Does Bob Dylan own his songs, and can do with them as he pleases?
Yes, indeed, most certainly.

Should anyone have the right to make money peddling Dylan's songs?
No. Anyone selling somebody else's stuff has to get the right from that person, and share the sandwich.

Should Dylan have the right to prevent me from using his songs if he thinks that I am despicable looney promoting stuff he detests?
Certainly. It is his creation, and he should not be obliged to have it desecrated by some bigoted idiot.

So what is the big fuss? 
The big fuss is that I write a 50 chapter free book on the internet, in which Chapter 43 was a major turning point in a real-life situation, and it was the ONLY thing Ursula Schulz has ever done on the internet (she does not even do e-mail); placing Dylan's Lenny Bruce song in that place at that time was a brilliant move on her part... so, you see, you keep working on this book on and off for a few years, get Oracles from Delphi to call the next shot; readers are cursing and lawyers are flocking; Ursula appears from the forest and hurls a spear, the sky darkens and the wind begins to howl, it is the Hour of the Wolf, and then... then.... then.... Bob Dylan shows up with the Sheriff and tells everybody they had better leave.

The big fuss is that Lenny's daughter is being interviewed about the Lenny foundation and the Lenny home for people in great need of help, and she is raising funds, and the journalist introduces her and they talk and the journalist says, check out Dylan's great song about Lenny by clicking here; so you click there, but the video about Kittie's Dad has been deleted by Dylan's intellectual ownership lawyer and replaced with a sarcastic graphic telling you the Web sheriff has, without even warning you, deleted your one big item. What humiliation for the person being interviewed. Too bad it was not live on 60 Minutes. The  look of shock in the faces of the interviewer and the interviewee, when they call up the video of the Lenny song and what pops up is a message from Dylan's camp that the Web sheriff has busted the perps, so it is now safe for common citizens to walk the streets.

Do you think you have the right to include Dylan's song about Lenny Bruce in your online book?

There is a right to participate in the culture. It is subordinate to Mr. Dylan's legal right to completely control his art; Mr. Dylan has the legal right to tell me to fuck off, but there is a more primitive right, a tribal right, a spiritual right, to partake of vital parts of that culture, on a very deep and personal and spiritual level. It is a right that is not enforceable, and so not really a right at all in business law; and Dylan gets the final word.... but there is some sort of moral right to surrender to the culture that these very same people have created. Do Dylan and Cohen and their ilk expect us to NOT use their words and images, when it is THEY who taught us to see that way?
When I crawled out of Chapter 42, I did not know if I was going to make it to Chapter 43, but with help from one devoted caregiver, I did. And then some boss-man from the Sheriff`s posse cut down Chapter 43, without asking or even informing me, and arrogantly slashed attempts to reach Chapter 44.

You don`t know what I am talking about, because to you it's just pushing buttons on a juke-box, one repetitive song after another, and my relationship with music is no more than a subject of mockery for you, but that is all the more reason why I have to be free to do my own cut and paste; free from your disdain towards me, free from your conviction that I should be scarcely permitted to partake, let alone produce.
News from the eastern front: Having listened to music almost 24 hours a day for 5 years as a Parkinson's patient - offering up my living mind and body for research into an incurable disease - I am going to sing any damn song I want, and play the fiddle, using whatever soundtrack succeeds in picking me up off the floor, and if that titillates your lawyers, so be it. See you in court. (Incurable disease: still your best Trump Card in any argument. Don't leave home without it.)

I want permission to re-post Bob Dylan's live performance of the song to Lenny Bruce, and put it back at the top of Chapter 43 where it belongs.  Almost everyone in the world who has heard of Lenny Bruce heard about him first on the Dylan song.  So I also request - and firmly expect, that  the song will be available any time to Kitty Bruce any time she wants, and thought should be given to promoting the song and her fund-raising drives, working together to remind the younger generations that some things are worth fighting for.  Lenny is being forgotten these days - all the more reason to ring a big bell.

And no matter whether Lenny was murdered in the first degree, by deliberately fatal injection; or manslaughter, by driving him over the edge; and did he not want to live anymore, or was he full of joy = I say both; we will never know exactly how they killed him, but we sure as hell know why.

And both Kitty and Dylan are right; the killers assaulted his spirit before they killed his body.

But his spirit did not die: it spread far and wide and changed the way we see and feel; including what we call freedom.  Including this moment as you read this, right here and now - Lenny caused me to write this and caused you to read it. Don't expect me to believe that you are devoid of some sort of loving religion. Just the fact you are still reading this illustrates Lenny's power over our imaginations.

That Lenny is our Lenny, for all of us.

And the computer software programmed to delete thousands of files at a time....  well you can see the results already. What are the criteria, Dave?  What's the frequency, Dave? If the owners of the internet are going to be making decisions about what is fresh and what is rotten, at the very least they should have a brief look at what they have decided to delete before deleting it. A duck might be somebody's mother.
In addition,  maybe it is time for a co-ordinated return of Dylan's Lenny Bruce songs (all versions); co-ordinated with a fund drive for Kitty's project in honor of Lenny, and even more important, tell the new generation the story of a man who, alone and surrounded by enemies, stood up for the First Amendment, at the cost of his life.

  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ That's why the song exists. It was not just to fill a slot at U-Tube and then sic the lawyers on the devout who are saying their prayers. This Lenny may well be your Lenny, but this Lenny is my Lenny too.
You-Tube, Facebook, that Twittle or Tweeter thing, the Google Plus thing, and the next ten to come, will go down the tubes if they do not see that they are nothing but a digital info storage container linked by a fibre-optic delivery system with no content.
We supply the content.

I put 50 chapters in there - brought them 25,000 readers, increasing their page views and ad rates. Every topic imaginable is there on the net - and all contributed by the users. The owners of the wiring are now  trying to be the new editors, the new gate-keepers, the new censors, the new boss who thinks nothing of deleting a multi-media gem created by hunter-gatherers of the spirit; even if he has no clue what it means; and this is the new Wailing Wall for the world.
Treat us like dogs and we for sure gonna pee on your flowers.

Post-post Script
August 18  2012
-----It's not just the Web Sheriff - The How to Protest video, a classic from Philip Glass, suddenly, without notification, requires a password WHICH I DON'T HAVE  (chapter 44).
How little time it took for the internet to destroy its own prime directive.

It's over, folks.  We should be able to say we fought for our freedom and lost.  We can't say that. We just lost, without having fought at all.
It's over. It could have been. But.... through comfort and indifference.... we have once again given away the keys to the only door we want to open.
Forget about it, it's over.

From Andrew Wyeth's Pepper Spray Period: Christina's World, after the witnesses are gone.:

 COPYRIGHT MOMA museum of modern-ish art, new york city. This work of art may not be reproduced or used for commercial or political purposes, or altered in any way, blah blah blay black sheep have you any wool; yassir yassir three bags full.... i still can't hear you.  No Pepper Spray?  Is yolking, is for to be laffink. Is to make funny, no?


No, I do not think that there is a conspiracy against me. Well, actually  there is, but it is far more vast and deadly. You don't think that the social media is the real world, I hope, because it is not. So, remedial readers, I do not claim that Bob Dylan and Al Gore went through the files on the internet one by one, and when they got to my site, they studied it carefully and then they jumped up and unplugged some more cables, wiping out all news from Canada, which went unnoticed for two years.  
It is not that they were hunting me and trying to trample on my website. It is precisely the opposite; no one knew my site existed; a software program determined that I am in violation of copyright laws,  which I could have told them for free.  I could list for you every plagiarized sentence, which is most of the book. Plagiarism gets bad press, but it is the driving force behind most writing. There's plenty of good writing I can steal, without having to make stuff up and explain it to my moronic readers. It's easier to tell them something they already know, so they don't strain themselves and get a hernia trying to unbolt the truth and sell it as scrap metal.
And they pulled the plug on me just at a time when I really did not have a lot of plugs left to pull. You know, you are on your death bed listening  to Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Ave Maria, when suddenly this bull nurse rips your earphones off and tells you music is forbidden in the hospice because we wouldn't hear the fire alarm if a huge fire started up, there is no way all the wheelchairs are going to make  it through the revolving door  before the hell-fire consumes us, a fate highly deserved by such sinners.
Two Catholic priests and an Anglican Archbishop walk into a kindergarten...  stop! stop!; there are some things you can't joke about  on the internets.

August 20, 2012; 3:46 a.m. Eastern time
nevermind, strange shadows across the field  push pull through the mud; one foot forward, other foot foward, push  pull through the mud  nevermind
9:31 A.M.  Temporary outage.   Do not adjust your set.

 “beyond simple consumption… the culture of participation”

…”New technologies, global interconnectedness and the changing nature of public engagement in the arts are all at the root. Art is created everywhere, by anyone. It is broader, more innovative and boundary-less. The culture of participation and personal creative expression is growing rapidly, defining a more multi-modal form of engagement in the arts that goes beyond simple consumption.”

- Shannon Litzenberger

What if I need a Neil Young song at 3 a.m.?  It takes weeks or months and piles of paperwork to get permission to use the song, and by that time the inspiration has burned  out … anyway, 60% of Neil Young’s albums are out of print. You can get the songs from the pirates; they are preserving more of our recent-past music than anyone else.
Now, why would you need Cinnamon Girl at 3 a.m.? Well, if you don’t know why, you are 50 years behind, like Sony.

And when will Columbia re-issue Fraser & DeBolt? One of the most influential albums to come out of Canada.  Unavailable in Canada for 40 years. A chunk of our culture, banished to the bins in the basement, by owners who have no clue what it is.

But if I stick Dance Hall Girls on my site, as part of an audio-visuaI world-wide conversation, or as my private theme song for the day, I am committing a felony. But there is no legal way for me to incorporate Al Fraser's song  in my cut-and-past collage. Because I am not supposed to do cut-and-paste collage. I am supposed to consume entertainment products; not buy components and assemble it my own way.
And the next sweep of the Web Sheriffs death-ray machine will once again find my hiding place and zap it. 
The hit parade industry was never designed for art.  It is for mass entertainment. That is not a negative statement. The world hungers for mass entertainment. Entertainment is a Good Thing and entertainers can be artists and artists can be entertainers.

But the hit-parade industry is not structured the same as the personal spirit quest industry, the need for beauty, meaning, forgiveness, transcendence, life, love and liberty. That's another Good Thing.  But it is a Different Good Thing.  AND SOMETIMES THERE IS ONLY ONE SONG IN YOUR WORLD for a few days, and it is your message in a bottle.  And the next week, it is not the same message and it is not the same bottle. You have the soundtrack on your computer, but you cannot use it, legally.
I have seen the future, and it is all derivatives and junk bonds packaged for a world-wide cookie cutter culture.  They really don't want to hear from you, and they expect the same. They produce, you consume. Better Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  Coupons and contests every month. You may already be a wiener. Or a wurst.
It is not always easy, Being Lenny Bruce.
But it is easier than sitting around waiting to die.

I expected no reply from the Web Sheriff.
I underestimated them.

 aug 24  2012 yr of remembering  she hears phone ring

Who was that who called?
It was the Web Sheriff

You talked to the Sheriff?
He was the Deputy Sheriff. He said he was John G. and I am at all times to refer to him as John G.
He has agreed that I will be called “the Man Known as Intrepid.”

His plan is that we are going to parachute into Ethiopia to join the rebels in the hills and write Elizabethan sonnets.

I think what you are describing is a skit from Monty Python.
Well of course. Once you get out of the surrealistic maze of Heathrow, the rest of the country is one big Monty Python skit.

So what did he say?
He said they would put my Lenny back up in Chapter 43.

 August 25, 2012

Delete! Delete! Delete!
This is not a drill.

Google has received requests for the removal of over five million web links in the last 30 days. – BBC News
Move along. Nothing to see here. Clear the street. Move along. It’s none of your business. Just a bit of re-stocking, you know, adjustment of inventory, that kind of thing.  You know we wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, now would we? I mean, some days, you get to work in a bad mood, deleting 5,000,000 web  links before breakfast makes a man feel very masculine. In charge you know? Ready for a new day with new challenges.
August 30 2012  6.03 p.m. Eastern Standard
We, at the Parkinson's Underground,  declare that the Web Sheriff has full diplomatic immunity. 
His father's contribution to the coat of many colours
reminds us that
some people have a job
and some people have a calling
and they are both needed;
almost all forms of life are symbiotic.
JohnG is one of those who has been appropriated by a calling
After a certain amount of time, those with a calling can not, not do it. It's like an addiction but harder to kick.

 aug 31  20012   3:12
rules  of Engagement during peacetime. This is not about the music; it's about power. Part 2 of Only the Paranoid Survive
Target specific, intention specific. No Collateral damage.
If anyone targets Ursula, Biblical amounts of shit will fall from the sky. If you hurt her to trigger my reaction, I will rip off your arm and beat you with it. And after that, I would get pissed off.  First and last warning.
 oh my! Alarums and rumours and rumours of war. Cry havoc, unleash the dogs; i was thinking more along the lines of giving them all a parking ticket. And compulsory etiquette classes. We could pass a law making them all wear folkloric costumes all the time, with  different themes. You know, this week Bavarian beer hall costumes; next week Andalusian gypies with guitars, you know what I mean?

Yeah, sure, sure. I know what you mean. Parking tickets instead of war. All it took was one genius to step forward.
Yes, liberty, equality, fraternity, can be achieved in that order only. First you need to be free, then you can for the first time be equals, and then for the first time you can take a run at making it a brotherhood |(|||||||||||| sisterhood too fo' shore babe, staycool with dadio

..ignore previous section, spiraling  from On to Off you get premonitions; everybody take a valium and get some sleep.  There are 9 million stories in the Naked City and this is not one of them

sept 5 20`12  8.05 am.
post post  

Kitty says:

It’s Nothing Personal

To anyone who held a dark secret;
to those who were hypocrites;
to the guy just doing his job;
it’s nothing personal…

To those for whom it was their job
and made it personal,
my father was their worst nightmare.

His truths were based
on our most coveted lies.

He left no room
for rationalized bigotry
or self deception.

He seduced his audience
with a rhythmic and dynamic use of his own language,
acting as the slow pulling off of a Band-Aid of denial.

When I started this
I truly wanted you to get to know my father
as closely as possible
and enter into his world.

He believed in the First Amendment.
He believed in the right of due process.
My father said we had “the best judicial system in the world.”
I am still astonished
at the misappropriation and gross misuse of power
that the local and national government displayed.
That the very system he so respected
destroyed one of the finest and most prismatic minds of our time.

One of my father’s greatest assets was his charm.
He made you like him.
 Apparently he did not have that effect
on those who found him obscene.
- Kitty Bruce
sept 8 2012 noon: all units
ten forty unless incursion

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